We Are Not Powerless


We are the the ones searching for our voices.

Scrambling desperately through our choices.

Do I love? Do I live?

Should i die?

Or fight to survive?

You sit up on your throne, like a king.

Unscathed, unbroken, blind to your sins,

Well that's about to change.

I'm coming at you in a demons rage,

Fists clenched, let's make a toast to change,

Turn and torch this fucking page.

I wish you felt a fraction of my pain.

To you this is just a game,

But, I would give anything to feel relief

Pain gives way to self destructive beliefs

They say that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger,

But I can't fucking take this much longer.

Anger, hate, guilt, depression, sadness & fear,

I would give anything to not be here

Why did you do this to me?

Here I sit unable to breathe,

Drowning in the past and misery.

Watching myself bleed.

I'm crawling on my knees,

Praying to nothing,

To make this hell end.

The page burns, & with it the chapter ends.

This is the closing of the book.

Expect repayment for what you took.

When this is all said and done

You will not be able to run.

Hold still, while I twist the knife.

Don't even bother to fight,

For you are in my hell.

Aren’t you glad you’re here?

I want you to scream in fear.

You will atone for your sins,

Don't expect this to end well.

You should expect a massacre. I will

Exorcise my demons, unleash hell,

Channel my rage, and blindly kill

Anything and everything that you love.

Expect no fucking mercy from above

Because, I swear to whatever God

Exists, I will expose you for a fraud.

Your crown is shattered beneath my feet,

How does it feel to be humbled now?

The world knows you for what you truly are.

I got out alive, but with so many scars,

I feel like a victim of Chelsea grin

I’ve worn a fake smile for years, pretending to be okay.

But now it’s time for you to pay.

The ultimate price, the destruction of your name.

How does it feel knowing I control this game?

Your actions changed me, but they don't define me.

Powerless I am no more, I no longer bleed to feel secure.

I am I, I am me, I am we,

I am a light, a beacon, a rallying cry,

To others that desperately want to die.

Wipe the tears off of your face,

Do not fear, you are not alone,

For their sins they will atone.

Keep on fighting for yourself,

I am you, I am me, I am we.

We will show the world who the fuck we are!

Find your voice, and scream it to the stars.

We are not defined by our scars!

Because we are not powerless.




I am very excited to release this page of my website! I believe that artwork in any form is an expression of your own self. These images were created by Jose Hernandez, a graphic design major at University of Nebraska of Omaha. These images are based off of one of the poems that I have written. For the sake of readability I have put the original poem below the images. 


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