Literature Reviews

Throughout my academic career I have written extensively about issues surrounding sexual violence. I believe that education is the first step towards adjusting societal attitudes towards survivors of sexual violence. Clicking on the underlined bullet point will redirect you to each paper. If you have any follow-up questions, please e-mail them to calebbyers@unomaha.edu.

This paper explores the impact of child sexual abuse by a family member. Differences between intrafamilial and extrafamilial [offenders unrelated to the child] are explored and discussed. 


This paper identifies child sexual abuse perpetrator characteristics as well as the impact that sexual abuse may have on the individual and family. An overview of the Social Work Systems Theory is also discussed.


This paper reviews legislative bill HR 1963, a bill designed to give survivors of sexual/domestic violence equal access to fair housing. Policy design and suggestions for implementation are explored and discussed. 


This paper discusses the history of health care service provision, explores the potential impact of rape culture for survivors access to health care services following victimization and offers suggestions to improve existing services.


This paper discusses ways in which the occurence of sexual abuse could be reduced at a community level. Suggestions for education programs are also explored. 


This review discusses the impact that rape culture and gender roles may have for a male survivor attempting to report their crime. 


In this paper I share some of my personal story of addiction and discuss the impact that substance use may have on the occurence and reporting of sexual assault.


This paper discusses the potential impact of sexual violence for males through the lens of Eric Erickson's Stages of Development.  


This paper discusses factors unique to male survivors who identify as gay, bisexual or transgender. 


Written by my twin, Lukas, this paper gives a brief overview of post-traumatic stress and evidence-based treatment.




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