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About Us

My name is Caleb Byers and I am the CEO and founder of We Are Not Powerless. I am also a male survivor of sexual assault. I made this website for one reason: to encourage other survivors to speak out against the person(s) who assaulted them. To any of my fellow survivors, remember this, you are NOT alone. Most importantly, never forget that we, as survivors, are NOT powerless to overcome our experiences. 

If it weren’t for someone reaching out to me after my assault, you wouldn’t be reading this now. I know how much having just one person to confide in can help. The worst thing you can do is to stay silent. I encourage you to tell someone that you trust. If you are not ready to tell a friend or family member, We Are Not Powerless is here to listen and provide support. When you tell someone, only then will the weight lift and allow recovery to truly begin.

My Story